How to Successfully Grow Elephant Ear Houseplants Indoors Overwinter

Elephant Ear plants are so beautiful. Once you get the hang of their care you will be able to successfully grow them as houseplants all year round. Not only are they beautiful they provide a tropical feel to your houseplant haven all year round if you choose. To have success with Elephant Ear plants, there are a few things you can do. First is to water them properly. They love to have moist soil meaning "damp" not wet enough to squeeze out water. They love bright indirect light and can do well in lower light. If you have a variegated variety you can provide them with a little bit more light. If you notice burn on any of your plants pull them back from the light. They enjoy being fertilized regularly. I use fish fertilizer on my indoor plants and Elephant Ears love fish fertilizer so dilute it down and you can fertilize them all year round. Please be sure to subscribe to my channel and check out my blog a www.thethriftedplanter.org for more houseplant care videos and tips.

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